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Dear Friends:

Theodore Roosevelt High School continues to excel in academics, athletics and fine arts despite the increasing financial challenges facing public schools.   The Roosevelt High School Foundation, since its establishment in 1984, has become increasingly important to Roosevelt by providing financial support to help maintain academic excellence.

The Roosevelt High School Foundation has three main missions:

  • Provide funds for educational development and growth of current students and faculty, as well as scholarship funds for college-bound Roosevelt students.
  • Provide funds for support of Roosevelt’s infrastructure so that students and faculty can enjoy a safe, pleasant environment in which to learn and participate in extra-curricular activities.
  • Promote the Roosevelt neighborhood by engaging in local civic activities, such as neighborhood improvement projects

The Roosevelt Foundation has recently completed an incredibly successful multi-year capital campaign, the results of which are readily apparent even when simply driving by our school! Over 1300 gifts have provided over $6 million in improvements, including the new Fine Arts Wing with new rehearsal, performing and practice areas; a spacious all-new commons area for students to socialize; renovation of every locker room; and creation of an additional women’s swimming locker room. Roosevelt students for generations to come will enjoy the benefits resulting from the generous giving of the Roosevelt community! A special thanks goes out to Chuck Betts for his leadership and generosity in seeing the capital campaign to fruition.

The Roosevelt Foundation needs your financial and volunteer support to continue our work for current students, faculty, alumni, and the entire Roosevelt community. You can help by joining the Roughrider Annual Membership Campaign today.  Connect with Roosevelt!

Thank you in advance for your support.

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