Site Team Members & Timetable


The Roosevelt Site Team:

What is the role of the Roosevelt site team?
The 36 member Roosevelt site team was selected from various segments of the Roosevelt community to oversee the planning and completion of renovations of Roosevelt High School, financed with Roosevelt’s allotment of revenue from Polk County’s school sales tax levy. Team membership includes Roosevelt parents, faculty, administration, students and others from the community.

What is the “educational plan”?
A primary task of the site team was to complete an educational plan providing a general vision of how the facility should be designed and renovated to best accommodate academics, student activities, and community needs. Once completed, the educational plan was provided to the architects who bid on the Roosevelt project. In deciding which architect firm to recommend to the School Board, the site team compared how well each architect firm is able to respond to the vision expressed in the educational plan.

How much money is there to spend on Roosevelt High School?
Using revenue from the one-cent sales tax in Polk County, levied specifically for school capital improvements, an estimated $17 million will be available to complete renovations to Roosevelt High School. This funding level is a rough projection; actual revenue available for the Roosevelt project could be more or less, depending in part upon sales tax collections between now and the start of construction.

Tentative Timetable

  • April 2002 – Site team formed
  • April-July 2002 – Site team orientation and information gathering
  • August 12, 2002 – Public forum (gather community input toward development of Roosevelt’s educational plan)
  • September 2002 – Gather additional information form Roosevelt faculty and staff Sept/Oct 2002 Complete educational plan and share with architects
  • November 2002 – Interview architects and select a preferred architect
  • December 2002 – Recommend an architect to the School Board
  • December 2002 – School Board selects an architect to design the Roosevelt renovation
  • Jan-March 2003 – Interactive design process (architect works with site team to fill in Details to design the facility)
  • May 2003 – Schematic design approved by the School Board
  • September 2003 – Design development documents approved by Board
  • February 2004 – Public hearing and award bid
  • June 2008 – Projected date to begin construction
  • Fall 2010 – Projected date to complete construction