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The Roosevelt High School Foundation was formed in 1984. The Foundation helps to provide learning and educational opportunities to Roosevelt students and teachers, provides funds for improvements to infrastructure, and is also involved in community improvement efforts in the Roosevelt neighborhood. Funds received are allocated by the Board for various educational programs and capital improvements.

On a regular basis, the Roosevelt High School Foundation provides funds or support to the following:

  • The Roosevelt Hall of Fame to honor distinguished alumni which serves as an inspiration to today’s students

  • Grants for students to attend programs outside of Roosevelt that further their education experience

  • Financial support for teachers to attend conferences to further their teaching skills

  • Reunion support by providing alumni reunion tours of the school

  • Alumni relations including maintenance of a website, Roughrider Recall and staff

  • Capital Campaign support

  • Grants to each year’s Senior Party, Roosevelt’s substance-free, graduation celebration



Rose Green

Kate Mead '00

Scott Nelson ’81

Marie Gernes ’02

Past President
DeMario Luttrell ’07

Kevin Biggs

Board Members

Julianne Hilmes-Bartlett ’09
Jackson Dahlquist ’09

Stephen Dorff '09

Nick Callison '02

Dylan Huey '00

Bryan Huggins

AJ Johnson '75

Charlotte Lozier '98
Erik Lundy

Steve Malone
Nate Nielsen ’07
Erin Sears ’94
Mary Schlehuber ’08

Ted Stroope ’99

Mak Suceska '06
Abby Zegers '00


Foundation Administration

Special Projects/Events
Kari Stone of ADMIRIA

​Digital Media/Graphic Design
Holly Baumgartel of ADMIRIA