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TRHS Foundation is organized to celebrate the tradition and shape the future of Roosevelt High School by advancing and supporting the students, faculty, alumni and Roosevelt community. Our Grant Funding is specifically provided to TRHS students, staff and faculty through board approval based on need, impact and funds available.   


Grant Funding Requirements & Guidelines:

  • Scope of Projects Considered: Applications must be for projects that further the Foundation’s mission of supporting a stimulating, engaging, rigorous academic, athletic, and creative learning environment at TRHS.

  • Who May Request Funds: Teachers, administrators, other Roosevelt employees, students, student organizations and parents.

  • Monetary Limits: Projects can generally be for any dollar amount, but the Foundation does have limited funds and it prioritizes and awards based on need and availability of funds.

  • Post Expenditure Report: Upon expenditure of awarded funds, the recipient must provide the Foundation with photos and a small write-up recapping the project and how funds were used and the impact of the project.

  • Application Process: In general, the Foundation prefers that applications be submitted by the 1st of each month, prior to the monthly board meeting. Once the online application is submitted, all applications will first be reviewed by a committee, which is a smaller selection of the full TRHS Foundation board. The committee may request further information from the applicant  and may request the applicant to come and present to the full board. The committee presents the request to the full Foundation board at the next board meeting following receipt of a complete application.

  • The board may require 30 to 60 days to consider the application.

  • Partial Award: In some cases the Foundation may only award a partial amount of what is requested.

  • Payment Process: If an application is approved, the Foundation may require that any invoices for services or materials related to the application be submitted directly to the Foundation for payment.

  • Coordination with other funding. The applicant is required to submit information related to the availability of other funding sources.


For additional information, please contact the Foundation at

> CLICK HERE for the application! 

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