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2021 Scholarship Winners Announced

Updated: May 27, 2021

Each year, the Foundation provides 30+ scholarships worth more than $35,000 for graduating Roosevelt seniors! Donations to the Rider Scholarship Fund help send Roosevelt grads to the trade program, college, university, or vocational school of their choice.

We are happy to announce of 2021 Scholarship Winners:

Named Scholarship Winners

Virginia Bannister Pearsall Scholarship - Elizabeth Hahn

James Collier Scholarship - Katherine Brandt

Galen Gustafson Memorial Scholarship - Gabriella Hoard

Meggie Malm Memorial Scholarship - Georgia Page

Ryan McCormick Memorial Scholarship - Annie Cowan

Timothy Parker, M.D. Pre-Med Scholarship - Lydia Johnston

Bryant D. Tuel Memorial Scholarship - Nicholas Brooks and David Claypool

Bishop Vocational Scholarship - Kathy Velez

Gordon Smith Memorial Scholarship - Samantha Harris

George "Pick" Wilson Memorial Scholarship - Ronan Murphy

Marvin James Fink P.E. Memorial Scholarship - Cael Fitch

John J. Hansell Scholarship - Alex Russell

Roosevelt Communtiy Equity Scholarship - Jonna Coleman

S.A. Siddiky Sports Scholarship - Anthony Schwindt

Salma Siddiky Leadership Scholarship - Michaela Lange

The Betty and Craig Miller &

Richard and Tilda Brown Swanson Scholarship - Mary McFetridge

Theodore Roosevelt Service Award - Stella Clark

TRHS Rider Scholarship:

Claire Bissmeyer

Anna Blobaum

Isaac Dotson

Lauren Drake

Sophia Ford

Jacob Frencher

Sarah Galluzzo

Dylan Graham

Hashim Eltoum Hamdan

Laci Hennessey

Adam Jaycox

Lydia Lawler

Milagro Michels

Matthew Musgrove

Dakota Rossi

Elizabeth Saunders

Emmaline Scott

Nate Stone

Makayla Stone

Nora Sweeney

Henry Siever

Jaclyn Wilson

Zoe Zmolek

Grace Zugg

Congratulations and best wishes to each and everyone of our scholarship winners!

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