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  • Amber Graeber

Foundation Funds TRHS Trophy Case Project

The long-used phrase “A picture is worth a thousand words” fits nicely into this message of thanks. We are still in the process of finalizing the trophy cases found in the two main, first floor hallways of the school.

We are so pleased with the transformation of the spaces. I wish we had taken more “before” pictures to give you the HGTV-sense of your support. The trophy cases hadn’t been touched in some time, with the exception of adding a trophy or two.

We started by just getting access to the cases – which has been a feat in and of itself. Once we had access, we safely transported any trophies prior to 2015 to the library. We kept any state championship trophies regardless of age. The plan is to clean and set up the older trophies by sport and by year with the help of students soon.

TRHS Foundation funds were used to purchase Canvas photos of students participating in school events and activities. We reached out to all of our student organizations and worked hard to follow up and make sure all groups were given the opportunity to be represented. We connected with parent/amazing photography Joe Mahoney, who graciously gave us access to this work and our DMPS Flickr page, as well.

Completed work

  • We have four cases by the cafeteria dedicated to athletics.

  • We have four cases by the library dedicated to theater, marching band, band, orchestra, choir, show choir, and speech & debate.

  • We are building additional displays (some pictured) for graduation, school spirit/crowd support, democratic involvement/candidate visits, etc.

Future work

  • The large case under the north stairs will be our unified sports case, but we are still working on curating that one.

  • We are working on display cases to showcase Roosevelt graduates.

A big thank you to Amber Graeber at TRHS for spear heading this project and helping to represent our currently community and diversity! If you have any questions or are interested in supplying photos or memorabilia for the displays, please contact Amber at

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