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Track and Field Work Continues In Preparation for Fall

Construction for our new track and artificial turf practice field continues to make great progress and is on schedule. Subgrade work is finished at the north end of the site and all required underground storm water systems are installed. On the south end of the site, work is in progress to install required retaining walls for the track. When thinking about the work required for this project, it is helpful to visualize it like an iceberg. Like an iceberg, the majority of this project’s work is underneath the surface. Soon the construction focus will start to shift to all of the more fun items that will be seen and actually used at and above the ground surface like the new track, new artificial turf field, new goal posts, new scoreboard, and for the first time ever in the history of TRHS - field lights! The new track and field is scheduled to be ready and available for use in early August 2022 in time for the upcoming school year.

Thank you once again for the generosity of all of our Capital Campaign donors for making this project possible.

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