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Want to Help Advocate for DMPS in 2021?

The DMPS Community Legislative Action Team (CLAT) is back in action! As the start of the 2021 Iowa legislative session nears in January 2021, CLAT is looking to engage parents and community members in advocacy for Des Moines Public Schools and policies that will increase student success.

One way that CLAT advocates is through monthly coffees (currently held virtually) and public conversations with legislators from the greater Des Moines area. Join us on Zoom for our next coffee on Saturday, January 9th from 9-10:30 AM to discuss important education-related issues and learn more about how to advocate for our students. Visit CLAT’s website and Facebook page to learn more about the legislative coffees, other upcoming events, and CLAT’s mission.

In 2021, legislative priorities supported by Des Moines Public Schools include:

  1. Expand Support For Disadvantaged Students - Change state per-pupil funding allocation based on need. Recognize at-risk student challenges by providing additional weighting in the foundation formula for students qualifying for free/reduced lunch.

  2. Expand Preschool Funding For Children in Need - Increase funding for four-year-old preschool students in need. Reduce the cliff effect by providing half-day preschool and half-day daycare for four-year-old children in families at or below the 200% poverty rate.

  3. Expand Support For Our English Language Learners - Increase weighted English Language Learner (ELL) funding to .39, in accordance with evidence-based practice and as recommended by the 2013 task force report on ELL education in Iowa.

  4. Increase Support Statewide For Schools Impacted By Covid-19 - Address the statewide enrollment loss due to COVID-19 and its impact beyond what is provided by the budget guarantee.

Visit CLAT’s website at Facebook page for more information.

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