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New Scholarship Opportunity from the Siddiky Family

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Each year, the Foundation awards over $30,000 in scholarships to graduating seniors and we are so excited to be able to offer two more $500 scholarships in honor of Salma Siddiky and Sadar Uddin Ahmed Siddiky.

Shahinoor Siddiky and her daughters Faiza Naseer '19 (Currently at Drake Univeristy) and Rabsa Naseer '18 (Currently at Iowa State University) reached out to the Foundation to express theirs wishes to establish two scholarships in honor of their family members.

"My name is Faiza Naseer and I graduated from Roosevelt in 2019. My mother Shahinoor Siddiky loved how Roosevelt supported me in my academic journey and gave me fun extracurricular activities to be a part of and continue into the person I am today; pursuing the medical track at Drake University."

The two new scholarships available to for graduating seniors are as follows:

Sadar Uddin Ahmed Siddiky

S.A.SIDDIKY Sports Scholarship in honor of Shahinoor's Father to be awarded to a student athlete, with high sportsmanship

Salma Siddiky

SALMA SIDDIKY Leadership Scholarship in honor of Shahinoor's Mother to be awarded as a leadership scholarship to a young woman.

During conversations with Shahinoor she expressed great gratitude for Roosevelt and is very proud of her two daughters who now attend Iowa State University and Drake University.

"This scholarship is being offered in honor of my mother, Salma Siddiky. She successfully raised my four sisters and I, instilling in us a vision of achievement, and the feeling that we could accomplish anything. The second scholarship is being offered in honor of my late father, Sadar Uddin Ahmed Siddiky, who showed us how to enjoy life to the fullest every day, every moment, by doing things for others. He had a passion for sports and believed wholeheartedly that if you work together, nothing is impossible."

We are forever grateful to this family for their support of Roosevelt High School. This is a true testament to the loyalty and dedication of our Roosevelt community. A huge thank you to the Naseer and Siddiky families!

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