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Calling All Perkins & Franklin Alums!

Help preserve the history of the 100-year-old Perkins Elementary and the former Franklin Junior High school by sharing your mementos. Here’s how to help:

Perkins Elementary School Principal Michael Derrick is looking to create a display case with memorabilia from its school's 100-year history. If you have anything from your Perkins experience you'd like to share, please contact him.

Anything from the Franklin Junior High School experience from 1950-1979 that you want to share is welcomed, especially ...

Books and periodicals – Classroom materials, including civic and political material

Ephemera – Postcards, programs, theater tickets and souvenirs

Photographs, letters and journals – Please make the copies you need before handing us the originals. We will accept digital or paper copies, too.

Attire – We’re especially seeking uniforms worn for school duties.

Yearbooks and newsletters – Originals are most useful, but some copies (reunion materials) are welcomed, too.

Trophies – Awards, plaques, medals and other recognition

Office equipment – Typewriters, staplers, phones, etc.

Art – posters, albums, games and other cultural work

Jeff Young

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