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Meal Program During School Closures

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

The TRHS Student Body President offered this request on behalf of the needs of students who receive free or reduced-priced meals while in school. During the school closures, there are ways TRHS alums can help.

Dear Friends,

As our nation faces an unprecedented crisis, I extend my best wishes to you all. Social distancing is not an easy task, but each of us has an opportunity and responsibility to save others’ lives by helping to “flatten the curve” in our individual communities.

For those who wish to support a worthy cause, the Des Moines Public Schools district has had to close all buildings until April 13, presenting a serious crisis for the nearly 22,000 students within the district who rely upon school for free-or-reduced breakfast and lunch meals.

Beginning next Thursday, March 26, the district’s Food and Nutrition Department plans to offer meal support for students each day until schools can reopen; backpacks of food will be offered on Fridays to sustain students through weekends.

As DMPS is in need of financial support to supplement this effort, donations would be extremely appreciated at this critical time. Contributions of any size are welcome and valued, and anyone willing to donate can do so directly through DMPS, or through Site for Smiles and Smarts. Donations through either link are tax-deductible.

I am immensely grateful for any support you can offer, but please do not feel obligated to do so if you are facing personal financial strain. Thank you for your continued support!


Fez Zafar

TRHS Student Body President

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