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Making an Impact: 2023-24 Foundation Grants

Proceeds from the R Party and Rider Cup help fund our annual grant program. Throughout the year, Roosevelt staff can submit a grant request for funds. Our board members assess the opportunities and allocate resources. Examples this year include funding for the Counseling Department’s Senior Decision Day festivities, raised edible garden beds for the Food & Nutrition program, the PTA’s annual Senior Party after graduation, financial literacy programming, wireless speakers for the Activities Department, various grants to our feeder schools and more!


Additionally, we have collaborated with individual class reunion groups that generously fund projects. Most recently, the school was able to purchase $22,000 worth of acoustic shells for the performing arts department. This was made possible with help from a variety of sources including the district activities office, past graduating class gifts, and the activities department.


“I'm thrilled that this acquisition, along with the refinishing of our stage, will set our arts team up for a better experience. We will always fight to make enhancements to our arts department,” explains Principal Steve Schappaugh. “Thanks for the leadership and vision the TRHS Foundation provides to our students. We're lucky to have all of you and grateful that we can keep working to make the experience for our students more equitable,” he adds.


Reunion season is upon us. If your class is interested in collectively making a group gift, please let us know and we can coordinate a list of potential projects the Roosevelt administration is eying for the coming year.



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